The highest quality plant produce on Earth. Grown by us. Delivered to you.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) just stepped into the 21st century. Willow’s indoor farming technology fuels the global movement toward local, safe, and sustainable fresh food. Our pristine environment comprehensively eliminates pesticides, heavy metals, and harmful agricultural practices.

The Movement Begins With You

Taking control of your health begins with taking control of your food. Willow reinvents the relationship between you and your food by enabling access to your own personal farm. This catalyzes our collective future where precision nutrition is the primary source of health and wellness. We begin this movement together, today.

Be the visionary, reap the benefits

The Cleanest Food. Ever.

Willow's farm produces nothing less than the safest, highest quality food on Earth. Our world-leading automation and AI technology allow our plants to teach us how to grow. By elevating the plant, we provide you access to the purest, most traceable produce ever imagined.

Unleashing the power of plants on human health.

Create Your Farm. Create Your Future.

As our primary source of health and happiness, we must prioritize our food’s quality, security and nutrition. Subscribing to Willow's Farm allows you to regain control over your food and get a founding taste of what will be the biggest shift in human health this century.

Vertical Farming Meets CSA.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) just stepped into the 21st century. This Fall, Willow will begin delivery of the highest quality produce on Earth directly to your door. The future of food is personalized. Join us, and lead the movement.

How it works

  1. Reserve your position as a founding member of Willow's CSA
  2. Beginning in August, your CSA delivery service activates with 5 salad meals delivered to your door every week
  3. Receive additional benefits, new fresh products, and exclusive in-person tours of the Willow farm facility

Lead the Movement

Your $150 reservation secures your subscription to Willow’s CSA Box of 5 fresh harvested salads a week and applies to your first month of deliveries. After you receive your first delivery this August, your $150 monthly subscription will activate.

As we continue to add recipes to Willow’s CSA Menu, we will offer a continually widening variety of fresh products. By joining Willow’s CSA, experience the future of food.